Ronnally’s, Woodburys OLDEST restaurant has always emphasized the importance of hand sanitation and cleanliness of our establishment. We are strictly adhering to our routine as well as the current guidelines of the CDC.

Per our governor’s orders, we will be closing our dining room at 5 p.m. Tuesday evening. Therefore, we will be offering take-out and delivery only.

We have now added a curbside pickup option for folks who prefer to stay in their vehicles.

We will continue to offer delivery to the entire Woodbury area as well as South Maplewood. During this period, we are happy to expand our delivery zone “within a few miles” ie., Cottage Grove, St. Paul Park, Newport, Afton and Oakdale (boarders). We do prefer all orders (if possible) to be a minimum of $20.00 before tax and delivery. Again, if possible. We would never turn anyone away.

All of our delicious pasta and pizzas are ALWAYS available for “TAKE AND BAKE”!! 😉

During these trying times, we would like to thank EVERYONE for their loyalty and trust in our family-owned business.

As the dollar bill says: “In God we TRUST”.!!!
Blessings to everyone. 🙏
This too shall pass

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